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The Future is Bespoke

bespoke |bəˈspōk| past of bespeak. adjective [ attrib. ] chiefly British (of goods, especially clothing) made to order: a bespoke suit.• (of a trader) creating made-to-order goods: bespoke tailors. We’re in a really interesting inflection point again in technology.  Despite what you may have read, it’s not all about chat-bots being subverted by Internet trolls, or the not-good-for-anyone-really so-called “gig economy,” or even the flameout of a lot of the yummy (but overpriced) […]

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Build it and They Will Notice..

Oh, cool, the kind folks over at AdaFruit took notice of my little IoT side projects and posted a nice little summary on the AdaFruit Blog. (I didn’t even know about it but was browsing their blog and saw the cover shot on their main blog page – my first thought was “Oh, neat – someone had […]

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Swift on Android as a “1st Class Language?”

According to NextWeb, Google has blessed Apple’s Swift  (which is now open source) as a first class language for Android development. (wait.. wut?!?) Seems odd given the lack of love between Apple and The Goog these daze.. but I can give you 8 billion and three reasons that this is a brilliant, money saving and […]

Blahhhging. Again.

Wow… it’s been a long time since anything has been written here.  Pardon the mess while I clean up this thing and get it ship-shape.   Lots of new things to talk about… and some interesting projects to share/document. Stay tuned.